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Welcome to Elmstead Primary School

Foundation stage

Welcome to our Class R page! Here you can find out about our learning and see what Early Years is all about.

Home Learning

Home Learning - 01/06/2020

Click HERE for Home Learning week beginning 01/06/2020

Letter to Class R - 01/06/2020

Math challenges

Make a musical instrument with Mrs Minshull - 

Books for this week:

If your child is due to return to school when we reopen, I have made a social story with pictures to help with the transition back to school. It includes pictures of the classroom and what will be slightly different. Click HERE for the social story.


Home Learning - 18/05/2020

Click HERE for Home Learning week beginning 18/05/2020


Letter to Class R - 18/05/2020


Books for this week:

Home Learning - 11/05/2020

Click HERE for Home Learning week beginning 11/05/2020


Letter to Class R - 11/05/2020

With the worksheets don't worry if you do not have a printer, just use the worksheet online and write the words in your home learning books! 

Books for this week...

Here are some books which you can read electronically...

Can cat get cod? - Pink

Munching Lunch - Red

Eggs - Red This book is a challenge, can you have a go?


Nod - Pink

Up to the Stars - Red

Rat and Cat in The Hat Trick - Red

The Thing - Red 


Big Fat Rat - Pink

Dig, Sid, Dig - Pink

A Green Lunch - Red

See Like Me - Red

King Pip and the Wish - Red

Panther and Frog - Red

Hidden Liz - Red

Is Nan In? - Pink


Pop! Pop! Pop! - Pink

 I can fix it! - Red 

Sid and Zak - Red

 The quiz went fizz - Red


In the Pit - Pink

A Bad Lad - Pink

Sid and Nan Invent - Red

On the Farm - Red

Lots of Legs - Red


Tom's Mad Mop - Pink

Is it a Rock? - Pink

Fun on the Canal - Pink

In a Rush - Red

Is it a Monster? - Red

Home Learning - 04/05/2020

Click HERE for Home Learning week beginning 04/05/2020

Letter to Class R - 04/05/2020

VE Day - Friday 8th May activities 

Have a go at some of these activities to create your own home decorations and to celebrate VE day. 


Home learning SPACE Week 2 - 27/04/2020

Click HERE for Home learning week beginning 27/04/2020

Letter to Class R (27/04/2020)

Home learning SPACE Week 1 - 20/04/2020                                                           How Old Is the Solar System? | Answers in Genesis

Click HERE for Home learning week beginning 20/04/2020

Letter to Class R (20/04/2020)

- How to support your child blending CVC words




EASTER Week 2 - 13/04/2020

This week is all about 'The Gruffalo', hope you enjoy all the activities, keep in touch through our email Class R!

The Gruffalo: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel: Books

Click HERE for Home Learning 13/04/2020

Letter to Class R 13/04/2020

A message and challenge from Mrs Minshull...


EASTER Week 1 - 06/04/2020

This week is the start of the Easter holidays therefore it is important to have fun and concentrate on your child’s wellbeing. I have set less activities this week which also includes some fun, practical tasks. I hope you have a great week! 

Click HERE for Home Learning 06/04/2020 (Easter tasks) 

Letter to Class R 06/04/2020


Week Beginning - 30/03/2020

Click HERE for Home Learning 30/03/2020 - 03/04/2020

With the worksheets don't worry if you do not have a printer, just use the worksheet online and write the words in your home learning books! 

 Letter to Class R 30/03/2020


Week Beginning 23/03/2020

 Click HERE for Home Learning 23/03/2020-27/03/2020

Letter to Class R pupils (23/03/2020)

Here are some pictures of what is growing in Class R...


  • Hope has visited school this week and has also been helping Miss Woods answer your emails.
  • The caterpillars have turned into chrysalis' and now safe in Miss Woods' house being closely watched. Miss Woods will try to record the butterflies coming out of their chrysalis for you.
  • The children who are at school have planted all your beans in pots, Miss Woods will keep you updated on their growth! 

In Foundation Stage, we learn through play in our enabling indoor and outdoor environments. We always have our waterproofs and wellies at school so we can go outside whatever the weather! Look at how much fun we had in these giant puddles…

 Wassily Kandinsky Valentines Artwork 

This half term in PE we have been doing dance. Each week we have learnt a new dance skill, these skills were shape, space, direction and levels. Using these skills we learnt a dinosaur dance linking to our topic, we had great fun! We also shared the dance with our parents at 'Stay and Play'.

We have learnt the story 'How to look after your dinosaur' by Jason Cockcroft, use the QR code to watch us retelling the story.

Measuring fun!

We have been learning how to measure using non-standard measurements. We found objects we wanted to measure both inside and outside. 

"You have to measure from one edge to the other!" - Annabel


Take a look at some of our measuring...

We decided to measure how many children, sitting on chairs, could fit across our classroom. We managed to fit 27 children!

Dinosaurs - Spring 1 

This half term we are learning all about dinosaurs. We have been looking at the book ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’. Each day we have read a small part of the story and created a story map. We also created an emotion graph to plot Tyrannosaurus Drip’s feelings throughout the story, we came up with adjectives to describe how he might have felt. After that, we used our story map to retell the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip, here are some of us retelling the story.

Tyrannosaurus Drip also visited our school, which we were very excited about. He left footprints across the hall which we followed to see if we could find him. We followed the clues around the school and eventually found a note from him. “I don’t belong here either so I need to go and find my home, but I have left you these eggs.” We felt sad for Tyrannosaurus Drip because we wanted him to find a place to call home however we were very excited about the eggs which he had left.

Over the past week, we have watched the eggs hatch and we now have two Stegosauruses in our classroom!

In our story, Tyrannosaurus Drip didn’t want to eat meat and it made us wonder, what did Dinosaurs eat? So we started to look at the different types of dinosaurs and what they used to eat. We learnt what a herbivore and a carnivore was and then realised Tyrannosaurus Drip didn’t want to eat meat because he was in fact a herbivore. Therefore, we wrote recipes and created a special snack for Tyrannosaurs Drip using all types of vegetables and plants. We used our recipes to make sure we remembered all the ingredients.