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Elmstead Primary School

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Our reading curriculum is designed to ensure all children know that reading is an open door to all other learning opportunities. The children will understand that reading frequently makes them a good reader and, in turn, expands their world and their access to it. Our children embrace their own reading journey and they will celebrate reading milestones as they develop new strategies, learn new vocabulary, explore different genres and discover authors. 

Our text coverage for whole class reading sessions is based on high-quality texts from different authors and cultures allowing a wide variety of genres in fiction, non-fiction and poetry to be taught. Our reading lessons and process ensures reading skills are covered and these include vocabulary, retrieval, prediction, inference, explaining and summarising. At timely intervals during the years, formative assessments are completed as a measure of children’s progress and to provide teachers with the necessary information to inform their planning and about reading skills which require further development.


Reading Incentive



Every time your child reads at home, and their Reading Record Book is signed by an adult, they’ll receive one point. The children can earn one point a day. Reads are counted each week and they become part of your child’s running total which will be passed onto the next year. 


Reading Ambassadors 



Reading Ambassador Job Description 

Reading Ambassadors will work towards promoting phonics and reading across the school. They will need a passion for reading and are keen to help others to improve their reading fluency and comprehension.

The job of a Reading Ambassador involves the following: 

  • Attend a monthly meeting during lunchtime
  • Help create a reading culture in school, developing children’s passion for reading
  • Support children in KS1 with their reading fluency
  • Lead a reading for pleasure outdoor lunch club during the warmer months
  • Support teachers with their book assemblies


Upcoming Events 



Thursday 7th March 2024 - World Book Day

Thursday 21st March 2024 - World Poetry Day